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We are dedicated to creating this organization to its fullest potential. Meet the people who are behind the scenes of The Battle

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Hannah Bajaj


Hannah Bajaj is a high school senior from Columbus, Ohio who is keen on pursuing a career in medicine. With an interest in service and global work, Hannah is thrilled to bring you along the journey of The Battle

As the founder of The Battle, her mission is to lead the organization in various aspects as she is responsible for projects including but not limited to The Inside Scoop and The Battle's Virtual Student Volunteer Program. Hannah's vision and expertise has been a key factor in sculpting The Battle into the organization that it is today. 

Niki Shaaf

Co-Founder & Director

Raised in Texas, Niki Shaaf is a high school senior who has had exposure to the medical field from a very young age. As both her parents are medical professionals, Niki hopes to follow the same trend when she gets older.

Niki is a lifeguard and a club swimmer who is excited to bring you the insights of our journey

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Marketing Specialist

Nadia Shaaf

Nadia Shaaf is a junior in high school who is a club swimmer year-round and a summer lifeguard at her local private community pool. From Dallas, Texas, her parents are her inspiration as they both are in the medical field. Growing up in this atmosphere, Nadia hopes to follow in their footsteps and become a surgeon.

She hopes to inspire and support youu all and is excited to be the newest addition of The Battle Team.


Manage the volunteer program by gaining leadership experience and working with the executive committee to plan events and meetings. Please note that this is a SELECTIVE process that will be a time-commitment and immense responsibility

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